Talent Identification

Steps, Deliverables & Timeline

Recruitment Process

Assessment of Client Needs

Our first step is to visit with our client organization to understand fully their requirements. Thorough, intensive and fully documented, it's a proactive process in which we apply a wealth of previous experience and industry knowledge.

Position Prospectus

Higher Talent’s team drafts a comprehensive position prospectus which provides a compelling summary of the professional opportunity, as well as information on the organization, its goals and strategic initiatives, opportunities and challenges and more. Clients review and approve the prospectus and it becomes a critical communications document and recruitment tool.

Candidate Research

We believe in developing proprietary “long lists” of candidates targeted for each recruitment. To accomplish this, we utilize a powerful combination of customized candidate research and our proprietary database, network and depth of experience.


Higher Talent is committed to recruiting a robust and diverse candidate pool on behalf of each client organization and search assignment. As a boutique, woman-owned firm, we are particularly sensitive to the need to recruit experienced woman and minorities. At Higher Talent, each search includes a “long list” of hundreds, sometimes thousands of individuals, including networking sources from specialized professional groups. Higher Talent has an excellent record of recruiting women and minorities on behalf of client organizations.

Candidate Outreach & Recruiting

We conduct local, regional, national or international searches, depending on a client’s needs and requirements. An extensive, database-driven network of professionals and referrals is just the start. We work to identify passive job seekers and, over decades of searches, we track candidate careers.

Candidate Calibration

We assess potential candidates through initial screening, in-depth in-person interviews, references, background checks and more. We communicate the unique qualities, skill set/s and strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates to our clients. Behavioral interviewing, and skills and qualifications assessments, are carefully employed to ensure the right match.

Recommendation of Shortlist Candidates

For each recommended “shortlist” candidate, we provide an extensive report on skills and professional background – plus interest, motivation and style.

Client Interviews & Assessment

We offer our experience, when needed, to help clients structure their interview and assessment process so they can fully evaluate an individual's abilities and fit with the organization's culture and needs.

Finalist References and Negotiations

We collaborate on hiring and compensation negotiations, offering our expertise and a demonstrated record of success.

Post-Placement Follow-Up

We follow up with clients and candidates during the first year following a placement and beyond, to ensure successful acclimation and adjustment.

We employ a strategic and efficient approach to the recruitment process and partner with our clients every step of the way. The time frame from start to finish depends on client needs and circumstances.