Why Higher Talent?

We offer essential advantages for nonprofit organizations in need of leaders, and important differentiators to consider when choosing an executive search firm.

Proven Results

We have an extraordinary record of success in finding talent for a diverse array of organizations, even under the most challenging circumstances. Our capacity to match the best possible candidates to a client institution is a blend of art and science. Our long-term client relationships and track record for nonprofits attest to our skill and expertise. Clients often rely on us over a multi-year period, as multiple recruitment needs arise. At times, we are retained to recruit teams of professionals in an area of expertise, in particular in the area of nonprofit fundraising and development.

Extraordinary Professionals

Higher Talent’s principals, Diane Charness, President, and Mindy Suissa Cohen, Vice President, collectively bring over 50 years of experience in executive search and professional staffing. They apply the best practices of the industry to each recruitment, and provide unparalleled expertise and perspective. Our principals and search professionals are committed industry leaders with years of experience and stellar credentials. Each has a unique point of view that contributes to a collaborative and enriched approach. Clients and candidates rely on, and benefit from, our integrity and professionalism.

Proactive Outreach & Approach

At times, nonprofit organizations are faced with recruitment challenges that seem insurmountable. Applying best practices and a rigorous candidate search methodology, Higher Talent will succeed, even when searching for the most unique set of hard and soft skills in a leader. We apply significant resources early in the search process to ensure a robust, diverse and rigorous candidate outreach. In close collaboration with clients, we prepare a strategically focused and thorough “long list” of potential candidates based on client requirements. This serves as a blueprint from which we tailor our outreach, adding new networks and referrals along the way. A typical national recruitment results in Higher Talent reaching out to hundreds of potential candidates and networking sources. We invest heavily in the initial candidate research – and because we do, excellent results follow. 

We identify and recruit those who are succeeding in their roles and are ready to assume new responsibilities and advance their careers. When you approach the right professional with the right career opportunity, a match happens.

Target: Successful Leaders

Up-front research strategies and close collaboration with clients allow us to find the “needle in a haystack” candidate/s. From there, we vet their candidacies through initial screening, in-depth in-person interviews, background and reference checks, and other assessment tools. Some say that the best predictor of a candidate’s future success is past performance. We also look beyond past performance, and work to model future success. Our process helps us identify and calibrate candidates who are, and will be, stellar contributors and innovators.

Passion & Commitment

Each of our search consultants and principals has a deep respect for our clients and candidates. We bring together future leaders and mission-driven institutions, to help build capacity for growth and innovation. Our work at Higher Talent changes the path of an organization and the professional lives of our candidates. We are inspired by our work, and it shows.

For more information about Higher Talent, please call 301-320-9007 or email us at dc@highertalentinc.com.